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Day by Day - 1 Samuel
The Power Of Recognizing Your Nothingness
Clif Johnson
Aired on Feb 07, 2024
Show Day by Day
Jan 26, 2024
00:05:28 Minutes

The kingdom of God is built on the backs of the rejects and outcasts of society.   ~~~   We have been watching the personal rise of David, the newly-anointed, soon to be King of Israel, along with the personal downfall of the current, Spirit-deficient King of Israel, King Saul. And now we have come to a part of the story where David’s kingdom, his following, begins to appear. He can’t seem to find an escape from Saul’s hitmen or Saul himself, so he is on the run. His first pit stop was at Nob to talk with Ahimelech, the priest. He gains some food and some weapons from Ahimelech. And we are told that a man named Doeg was there as well. Then David takes off for the city of Gath, Philistine territory, and puts on a show of deception when he fears his life is being threatened. All of this behavior, like we said last week, is odd for David, who, up until this point had been faithful to the LORD, and dependent upon the LORD. But the beginning of chapter 22 tells us that David departs from his previous Philistine location and comes to the cave of Adullam. While there, his brothers and family, who are no doubt also being hunted by Saul, join him in the cave. And then we are told that all those who were in distress, in debt, and discontented gathered to him. It appears that there is trouble in Saul’s kingdom, so that people are growing tired of his maniacal ways, and they are looking for another option. And they see in David a better option, a better choice. They see hope, godliness, humility, strength, courage; they see the type of leader they need. The type of leader they want to follow. 400 men. The start of what would become a glorious kingdom. And David is made captain over them. Does this, perhaps remind you of another leader who attracted to himself the outcasts of society? The downtrodden, the discontented, the poor? Of course it does. We see in David and small picture of the Christ to come. Jesus, by means of his teaching, by means of his godliness, compassion, humility, and strength, attracted to himself the outcasts. He called to himself fishermen, tax collectors, political zealots, demon-possessed women, prostitutes. People of no significant influence. People who possessed and wielded little if any worldly power. And yet, it was those distressed, in debt, and discontented people that God used to form the core of what would become a powerful force and kingdom. And it was those type of people that Jesus brought around himself who would form the core and nucleus of what would become a powerful force and church, led by God’s son, empowered by God’s Spirit. Even their enemies recognized this about the church when they called Peter and John “uneducated” and common, or profane men. What was happening in seed form in 1 Samuel 22, is fulfilled among us today! Do you realize that? The revival of God’s kingdom under the leadership and kingship of God’s chosen King, was underway, and we are the continuation of that under the greater David, King Jesus. We stand in a long line of rejects. We are the bands of the discontented and distressed. We are the outcasts and have found our hope our refuge our leader in Jesus. What God could with a group of people who realized their own nothingness and leaned into dependence upon God for everything! The battles that would be fought and won. The glory that would be exhibited. You see, the church is not a sit and listen organization. It is a hear and march army. Neither is it a personal or private spiritual pick-me-up. You are joined to something larger than yourself, greater than yourself, more important than yourself. There has been a calling and commission placed upon us that we have accepted in following our King. There is a mission. And that mission is to hold out hope to others who are discontented and distressed around the world. It is to hold up our King to those who have grown tired and hurt by the current king over their life, which is their own sinfulness and idolatry. Let me ask you? Are you a church member on mission, or are you just a sit and listen member? Are you marching in the cause of raising up disciples through the school, through your home, in your own life? Are you marching to send the gospel out overseas? As we press on here? You need to know, because sometimes, sometimes, when you are committed to this mission, it means gathering in a cave. It means remaining the outcasts of the world, strangers and aliens in this place.

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