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Day by Day - 1 Samuel
Is Your Church More Story Time Or Boot Camp?
Clif Johnson
Aired on Jan 12, 2024
Show Day by Day
Jan 08, 2024
00:02:34 Minutes

Church is not meant to entertain but to equip believers for service to the Lord.   ~~~   David is a man of deep character and devotion to the LORD, and God’s presence of providence and protection are over him. All of which equals success for David. Is that how we measure success? Success is having the presence of God reigning in your life, which displays itself in godly character overcoming the enemy of sin. Oh how I wish we would think of success in this way. Are you teaching your sons how to fight sin? Are we teaching our daughters how to war against the flesh in the power of the Spirit? Are YOU a success in those areas? It matters very little how far up the corporate ladder you can get if you are bogged down in the mire of sin. The size of your house, the number of cars, the boat, the retirement means nothing if there is not fruit of the Spirit on display. It doesn’t matter how many trophies are on the mantle if there is not fruit of the Spirit. This is Success! Listen to me men and women…Jesus did not come to entertain you with personalities or bigtop events or to put on appearances. The church is here to help you understand the only fighting chance you have comes from the active presence of the LORD in your life. Listen to me parents, we are not here to dazzle or wow or coddle your children with warm little bible stories. We want to help you, assist you, equip you to raise warriors…to raise your boys and girls to be men and women who know the realities of the world and are ready to face them head on with the only arsenal that will protect them and damage the enemy. This isn’t story time, it’s bootcamp.

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