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Day by Day - 1 Samuel
A Man Who Stands Between
Clif Johnson
Aired on Jan 03, 2024
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Jan 01, 2024
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Jesus fought our battles on our behalf and defeated the enemy we could not.   ~~~   The Bible is compilation of 66 books and letters that make up on grand narrative, one book, one story. And in that one grand narrative, there is one hero. Everything before that hero arrives on the scene is meant to either foreshadow, point towards, or get us ready for that hero. That Hero is Jesus Christ. David is a precursor, a giant foreshadowing figure of Jesus Christ. And one of the problems we run into when we remove the David and Goliath story from context is that we can easily insert ourselves into the wrong character and we become the David facing off against the big bad giant. But we can’t forget the context. David has been chosen by God to be His King for His people. David has been anointed by God, and the Holy Spirit of God has rushed upon Him to empower Him. You have not been anointed as King over God’s people. But Christ has. And the Holy Spirit rushed upon Christ, and empowered Christ. And just as David rushed down into the valley of Elah to face Israel’s enemy, so too, but in a greater way, did Jesus rush to the hill of Golgotha to face man’s greatest enemy of sin and death and Satan. Jesus is the believer’s great champion, the man to stand between! He stands between us and death. You need a person to stand between you and death. Your sin has assured that there will be death to pay, hell to pay. And if you are apart from Christ, if you have not Christ as your Savior, as your man between, then you sit there condemned today with no hope. And you will be defeated. You will die. You will face judgment, and you will be given over to eternal death. But listen, there is a man! There is a man who has done the fighting on behalf of people who call out to Him. And what God is calling on you to do today is to put down your weapons, your idols, your pride, your sin, and turn and trust in what Christ has already done. He has already defeated the Goliath of sin. Just like David ran to Goliath, after nailing him with the slingshot, he then cut off his head, so too did Christ stomp Satan, crushing His head, delivering him over to final death. We need to know that in this story, we are the Israelite army. And we have no business heading out to fight against Goliath, but we do have a champion, a man who stands between, who has already fought the Goliath of sin and shame and death, and where David lopped the head off of Goliath, Jesus crushed the head of Satan in the resurrection.

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