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Day by Day - 1 Samuel
And David Heard Him
Clif Johnson
Aired on Nov 29, 2023
Show Day by Day
Nov 20, 2023
00:02:28 Minutes

We should pay attention when we hear someone speaking against God and His people.   ~~~   This is, perhaps, my favorite section of the story of David and Goliath because of four little words we come across. So let’s get the picture. David has risen early and hurried to the army camp. He quickly throws down on the ground what he brought on near the man who is watching over the baggage, and he sprints to the ranks where his brothers were. He wanted to get an update, perhaps a story or two of some epic battle or valiant sword-fighting. And in mid conversation with them, the echo of Goliath’s vile voice is heard booming up the mountain, “I DEFY ISRAEL AND ISRAEL’S GOD! IF YOUR GOD IS REAL AND POWERFUL, LET HIM PROVE IT BY SENDING OUT ONE OF YOU!” And this is my favorite part…this is where the needle scratches off the record… where the director calls for a zoomed in shot on David’s face, because the text says, “AND DAVID HEARD HIM.” This is the turning point in the whole story! Goliath has stomped out and bellowed across the valley, up the mountain, blaspheming Israel and Israel’s God, mocking God, taunting the men. “Is there not a man in all of Israel? Is there not a champion in all of Israel? What kind of God do you serve if there is no champion?” And this went on and on and on, but this time his message landed on new ears— David heard him. Without looking ahead, what do you think happens next? Tune in tomorrow and find out!

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