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Day by Day - 1 Samuel
A Time To Mourn
Clif Johnson
Aired on Nov 07, 2023
Show Day by Day
Nov 02, 2023
00:02:16 Minutes

When the church is unfaithful, ambivalent, or unbelieving, it should grieve us.   ~~~   One of the ways God moves us forward in grief is by reminding us of his providence. God’s providential working in the world is to give the believer hope. Chapter 16 begins the way chapter 15 ends. We don’t really know how much time has passed between the two chapters, but Samuel is still grieving over Saul. And we understand this don’t we. I mean, Samuel is not grieving here because his favorite football team lost a game, or because he couldn’t get that new pair of shoes. He is sorrowful over what Saul has done, what Saul has become. He is grieving over the rudderless state of Israel at this time. She is off course, and her future is not bright in the eyes of Samuel. The king project has turned out to be a failure, and he does not know how it can be repaired or what the future looks like. But let me step in right here and ask, “Do we/you ever mourn like this over the condition of the church? Do you mourn over the unbelief in the church? Do you mourn over the triteness, the triviality that is displayed in people’s lives/your life when it comes to the things of God? The word “grieve” here means to “lament.” The idea is to pour out your heart and soul in anguish. Do you care, are you concerned when people just stop showing up? Does it hurt your heart when you see people going downhill spiritually? Do you mourn? God is going to tell Samuel that the season to mourn must come to an end, but perhaps we haven’t even started.

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