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Day by Day - 1 Samuel
Hard Pressed Because Of A Personal Chase
Clif Johnson
Aired on Oct 26, 2023
Show Day by Day
Oct 16, 2023
00:02:52 Minutes


1 Samuel 14:23-24

When we look to someone other than God, we should not be surprised when they fail us.   ~~~   1 Samuel 14:23-24 “So the LORD saved Israel that day. And the battle passed beyond Beth-aven. And the men of Israel had been hard pressed that day…” The “that day” of verse 24, is the same “that day” of verse 23. So what we have in verses 24-46 is a re-telling of the days events, a replay, if you will that gives us more insight, a close-up of what took place. Yes, the LORD gave victory, thanks to Jonathan, but it didn’t come easily, thanks to Saul. And finally, the feature of this text is the recurring description of the army of God We read that they were “hard pressed,” in verse 23, and that the people “were faint,” in verse 28, and then they were “very faint,” in verse 31. So there is a progression of being distressed, to be exhausted, and then into a state of being in a state of extreme exhaustion and tiredness, and completely frustrated with King Saul. How did the warriors get to this point? What brought on this detrimental, desperate situation for them? It was King Saul and his leadership of them. And that is what the author wants us to see and know, and he also wants us to remember, “This is the type of king you asked for…a king like the world who chases his own personal glory.” Well, this is what you get. And the motivations and intentions of a king like the world bring trouble to the land. The people of God are weakened/troubled when led by worldly men. The kingdom is not safe in the hands of a worldly man. Proverbs 29:2 “When the righteous increase, the people rejoice, but when the wicked rule, the people groan.” So who is leading you? Your family? Where is your hope? In the president? In the potential of a next president? Let’s learn the lesson of 1 Samuel 14, and put our hope in the King who has been revealed to us, and resurrected for us—King Jesus.

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