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Day by Day - 1 Samuel
All We Need Is A Miracle
Clif Johnson
Aired on Sep 21, 2023
Show Day by Day
Sep 13, 2023
00:02:03 Minutes

The greatest miracle God does is the miracle of changing sinful hearts.   ~~~   God shows He is faithful to his covenant with Israel by the men he gives to lead, and in the mercy he displays. But we also need a miracle. We need a miracle to show us our true condition and lead us to repentance. How is it that hard-hearted people like you and me ever realize our need? Ever realize the grace of God? It is a miracle of God that it happens. You see, what Samuel is doing is accusing the people of God, the Israelites, of sin. They have rejected God and exalted Saul. They believe they are on their way to being a great and mighty nation. But Samuel stops the party, and says, “You have acted sinfully in asking for a king like the other nations. And if you can’t trust that I am speaking honestly to you, then maybe you will take heed from this miracle.” And so Samuel tells the Israelites that God will bring forth thunder and rain right then. This would be like us experiencing a snow storm in the middle of our July. IT was the word of God, the action of God that brought the people to fear and repentance. Are you not thankful that the word of God worked a miracle on your stony heart? The Holy Spirit drew you in, softened your heart towards God, hardened your heart towards sin, and made you new. Miracle of miracles.

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