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A daily word of encouragement
Is faith really enough?
Allison Hawkins
Aired on Oct 06, 2023
Oct 04, 2023
00:01:28 Minutes


Luke 23:39-43

One of the bad men on a cross at the side of Jesus started to insult him. He shouted, ‘You say that you are the Messiah, don't you? Then save your own life and save our lives too! But the bad man on the other cross told him that he should be quiet. He said, ‘You should be more afraid of God. We will die here, as well as him. We two men have done very bad things. So it is right that we should die. But this man has not done anything wrong.’ Then the man said to Jesus, ‘Remember me, Jesus, when you start to rule in your kingdom.’ Jesus replied, ‘I promise you, today you will be with me in paradise.’

If you’ve ever thought that faith wasn’t actually enough to get you to heaven. This is about to change your mind.

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