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Storybook Homes
Niki Thompson
Aired on Sep 01, 2023
Aug 30, 2023
00:04:45 Minutes


Hebrews 10:1-22

The blood of Jesus covers the imperfections of believers.   ~~~   Welcome to another Storybook Renovation. I know right now it looks like I’m standing in the middle of a crime scene with all the red you see smeared across the house, but that red stuff is not blood; it’s a product my painters use called bondo. Bondo is used to cover all the flaws and imperfections in the wood surfaces that will be painted. When it dries, the surface is sanded smooth to allow for a flawless paint finish. Without this step the paint might temporarily hide imperfections, like hairline cracks and brad holes in the wood, but with time, these flaws will eventually bleed through. When bondo is applied to all the imperfections, it permanently fills in the gaps, cracks, and holes so that once it is sanded and painted, you will never see the imperfections again. You know this bondo is a good illustration of how Christ’s blood covers over our sins or imperfections. I remember growing up in church singing the old hymn “Nothing but the blood” and being confused how God could use sticky, messy blood to take away my sins. You remember the words: What can wash away my sins- Nothing but the blood of Jesus What can make me whole again- Nothing but the blood of Jesus Then the song goes on to say “ oh precious is the flow, that makes me white as snow.” This was such a hard concept for me to grasp. But now I more fully understand. Just like a fresh coat of paint on a flawed surface can temporarily hide imperfections, the old testament allowed for animal and grain sacrifices to temporarily atone for the Jews sins, but it did not permanently remove their sin. The sacrifice temporarily appeased God until sin revealed itself again. But, when Christ came to earth and lived a blameless, flawless life, His blood sacrifice permanently filled the gaps that our sin left. When we accept the gift of his sacrifice, our sins will never be seen by our Heavenly Father again. It is Jesus’ blood that gives us a flawless finish before our God.

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