Did you know that one-third of the world, over three billion people, have never had the opportunity to hear the saving message of Jesus Christ?

Would you like to be part of a Ministry who's tackling that challenge head-on?  

Lifeword's Faith Innner Circle (FIC) members are people who are highly committed to getting the message of Jesus Christ to the remote corners of the world.

 As an FIC member you are affirming the promise of God in Isaiah 55:11.  It says that his word shall not return unto him void, but that it always produces fruit and it accomplishes all God wants it to accomplish and that it prospers everywhere that he sends it.  Your monthly contribution allows Lifeword to use media to take the message of Jesus to places that missionaries just can't go reaching people with the gospel that may never have the opportunity to hear.

Thank you for considering joining us as an FIC or Faith Inner Circle member. We'll send you a monthly newsletter with inside information the ministry of Lifeword. You'll be blessed as you read to know that your monthly contribution is bearing fruit all around the world.

Join us in this challenge to fulfill God's Great Commission and Make Disciples of the entire world. God bless you as you give and pray and know that you're playing a vital role in helping life word reach the world for God's glory.

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