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مُختلِف زاویہ سے دیکھنا
Jamshad Hadyat
(Vertical Life Church Urdu)
Aired on جون 22, 2022
جون 22, 2022
00:39:05 Minutes


Numbers 14:22-24

“We see things positive with the eyes of faith.” Says pastor Jamshad as he explains in this sermon the difference that seeing things differently and especially with the eyes of faith makes. When Moses sent 12 spies into the land of Canaan, only Joshua and Caleb saw things with the eyes of faith cause they had seen and heard what God almighty can do for them and through them. They were not afraid of the giants in the land and the strong fortresses they had built around their city. They knew that the Lord was their strength and they served mighty God who gave them the power to overtake the city. In the same way, you as a believer must see things with the eyes of faith and let God lead you towards victory in every area of your life. Our minds must be enlightened by the word of God. You must have eyes of faith and see like Jesus saw, hear like Jesus heard so God can say to you that “this is my son/daughter in whom I am delighted. See light in the darkness and you will create light, see victory in your defeat and you will create victory. People around you can criticize, but our positive vision can make us win and succeed. Bible says, that Caleb's children inherited what he fought for. See things like Caleb and inherit victory not only for yourself but for your coming generations. Fix the way you are looking at things and God will give you victory. See with the eyes of faith and the way God sees things for you and you will succeed.