About Us
Who We Are

Lifeword is the media arm of the Baptist Missionary Association (BMA) of America. Lifeword exists to assist local churches of the Baptist Missionary Association in fulfilling the Great Commission by providing Christ-centered media to produce disciples of Jesus Christ.

Our international headquarters and primary production center is located at 611 Locust Street, Conway, Arkansas.  We also have regional production centers in the Philippines, Ghana, Honduras and Guatemala.


Lifeword Media Ministries is an international ministry of the BMA of America. It is owned and governed by the churches affiliated with the BMA, which meets annually to hear reports and conduct business related to its various departments.


A fifteen-member board of directors elected by the BMA of America oversees the work of Lifeword. The home office staff is under the leadership of Donny Parrish, who has served as executive director since 2017.


Financial support for Lifeword comes from free-will offerings by the churches of the BMA and by individuals who are friends of the ministry. In addition, the BMA Foundation, founded in 1998, is designed to provide ongoing support through an annual distribution of earnings.