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Eternal Security
Eternal Security - Part 2
Pastor Pete Etabag
(Lifeword-Asia Pacific)
Aired on Oct 28, 2021
Jan 30, 2022
00:32:18 Minutes


Romans 8

Greetings to everyone in Christ's precious name. This is the second part of our studies about Eternal Security to those who have accepted Christ into their lives as their personal Savior and Lord. "ONCE SAVED, ALWAYS SAVED" is still a controversial issue to many who profess to be a Christian or a believer of Christ. In our previous studies, I emphasized that salvation is secured because the guarantee of eternal life is forever. It means that our relationship with God cannot be broken no matter what or else the gift of eternal life would not be eternal at all. We also learned that if ever we lost our salvation, the greatest problem is to take it back because there is no renewal of our salvation. The Bible also does not teach that it is okay to continue in sin because our salvation will not be lost. God's purpose for us is to become a sanctified vessel for His use, so He saved us in order to serve Him. Our study today is based on Romans Chapter 8. It is a guarantee that no one can separate us from Christ. May this study will make us confident that the guarantee of our salvation is forever. It's also to remind us that we should not abuse our freedom but use our lives as a sanctified vessel always ready for the Master's use. God bless us all.

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