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Eternal Security
Eternal Security - Part 1
Pastor Pete Etabag
(Lifeword-Asia Pacific)
Aired on Sep 28, 2021
Jan 30, 2022
00:31:07 Minutes

The issue of Eternal Security is still a controversial topic. Many who professed to be a believer of Christ believes that Salvation can be lost. Maybe that is what their spiritual leader is teaching them. The Bible teaches that a person who puts his or her faith in Christ will have Eternal Life. Eternal Life is equivalent to our Salvation. We can be sure of our salvation because we received Eternal Life when we received Christ as our Saviour. How long then will Eternal Life last? Will it last forever? Or will it be taken back by God when we commit sins? And how sure are we that we cannot commit sin being a child of God? This is a very important subject to study, because if you do not believe that the warranty of Eternal Life is forever, you will be forced to believe that it will expire when you commit sins or go back to the world. What then is our assurance that we can be saved? Is the security depends on us? Or to the One who gave it to us? I invite you to listen to our message today. You may not agree with what I am preaching and it's fine. I respect your opinion. But I encourage you to think about it. If you believe that God's gift of Eternal Life can be lost, then you are also saying that God cannot be trusted because His gift doesn't have a warranty that it will last forever. Eternal Life is Eternal. Nobody can break it. It will not expire because of what we do. Our relationship with God when we received Christ is forever. Think about it.

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