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Religious But Lost
Religious But Lost - Part 1 of 2
Pastor Pete Etabag
(Lifeword-Asia Pacific)
Aired on Aug 31, 2021
Oct 29, 2021
00:31:39 Minutes

Religious But Lost - Part 1 of 2 Many believed that their religion will save them, yet when you ask them that if they die, will they have the assurance to be with God in heaven, they usually cannot honestly answer that question. Our message today is about a very devout and religious man but in the sight of God he is lost. His name is Nicodemus, a ruler of the Jews. He found salvation in the Lord Jesus Christ and not in his religion. Most people are like him, trying to be very religious. But our religion is not enough and cannot give us an assurance of going to heaven when death comes. The Lord is telling us "You Must Be Born Again". I pray that you will watch and listen to our program today and learn what it means to be born again. You might be like Nicodemus, Religious but Lost. Only Jesus Christ can give you the assurance of being with God in eternity when you leave this earth. You need to be Born Again today, or it might be too late.

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