Unlimited: Lifeword’s New Media Vision-Part Two

Unlimited: Lifeword’s New Media Vision
August 29, 2017
Unlimited: Lifeword’s New Media Vision: Part Three
September 12, 2017

Unlimited: Lifeword’s New Media Vision-Part Two

As Executive Director Donny Parrish began formulating the idea for the Lifeword Cloud on the Lifeword Network, he considered the following: “Is this a big plan? It really is. It will certainly be the challenge of my life’s calling in ministry to shepherd this from dream to reality. After introducing this plan to our staff and getting buy-in from our team, there have been nights that I have laid in bed and thought, ‘What in the world are you doing? This is going to be very difficult to do! Why put yourself through this?’”

“I’m glad that I don’t have to accomplish this. My God is big enough to make this happen all by himself. I’m depending on his power, guidance and leadership to make his dream become a reality. I’m confident that what he has birthed in my heart he will see to completion.”

 The Lifeword Network

Imagine for a moment the opportunity to provide programming in both audio and video for Lifeword Community Radio stations. This programming will allow churches and pastors to stream a constant source of uplifting gospel music and messaging from one source, the Lifeword Network, to people who would choose to listen to their “station.” The churches who join our network team will be allowed to broadcast Lifeword programming but then speak to their audience directly by preempting the Lifeword Network broadcast. This will allow for quality, trusted gospel programming from Lifeword, with local control and messaging. The goal would be to provide programming in as many languages as Lifeword could produce. The internet will allow churches and missionaries to broadcast the Lifeword Network without the financial constraints that have burdened us in the past.

The Lifeword Cloud

How do you deliver programming that has been produced to Lifeword Network stations around the world? Through the Lifeword Cloud. Our dream is for lifeword.org to become the center of all we do as an organization. Languages, broadcasts and discipleship materials would all be uploaded to the Lifeword Cloud for dissemination to stations around the world. Our goal is for easy access to our Lifeword Community Radio partners around the world, freeing them from having to be intensive programmers. Lifeword will be the programmers. They will have the freedom to concentrate on one or two programs that will enhance their outreach to their audience.

The Challenges Ahead

There are many challenges facing the Lifeword team as they move to this mode of ministry. Some of these challenges we understand and know. And there are many others that we will not know until we face them. Part three of this series of articles will discuss those challenges.



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