Unlimited: Lifeword’s New Media Vision: Part Three

Unlimited: Lifeword’s New Media Vision-Part Two
August 29, 2017
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December 27, 2017

Unlimited: Lifeword’s New Media Vision: Part Three

Unlimited: Lifeword’s New Media Vision-Part Three

Holly Meriweather

(The following is the third of three media releases regarding Lifeword’s new vision. Parts One and Two are available at lifeword.org.)

We are not the first Lifeword team to dream and pray about the possibilities of providing a global hub available 24/7 for anyone to access what Lifeword and her affiliates produce. But with advancements in technology, particularly O3b with its next-generation satellite network providing billions of people with low cost, high speed Internet and mobile connectivity, the time for such a monumental effort seems to be now.

There are many challenges facing us as we move to this mode of ministry. Some of these challenges we understand and know. And there are many others that we will not know until we face them. They include the following:

A Change in How We Think About Ministry

As we move into this new arena we cannot simply stop our present ministry efforts. At the same time, we will be forced to examine all we are doing with the prospect of moving into this new paradigm.

We Must Build a New Model for Ministry Operation

Our directors’ job descriptions will begin to change as we move into this ministry effort. Our organization on the ground around the world will look much different than it does presently.

Our Financial Structure Will Change

How we fund broadcasts around the world will begin to shift as we move away from traditional “radio time” broadcasts to Lifeword Network programming. We will begin to seek talented programmers to fund instead of radio broadcast deliverers.

We Must Build the Lifeword Cloud

The construction of the Lifeword Cloud will be a crucial foundational step in making this dream a reality. (Think of the Cloud as more a spider of broadcast servers scattered around the world instead of a hub located at one centralized locale. The reasoning for this move centers on the need to meet technical standards for each area of the world accessing our programming.) The goal is to build this Cloud without interrupting the present budget.


We Must Market and Develop the Lifeword Network

After all the technical challenges of building the Cloud are met and completed and after the challenges of developing programmers and delivering content to stations is done, the ongoing challenge will be to market and develop the Lifeword Network. Expanding the Lifeword Network around the world to new churches, pastors, missionaries and stations will be essential to fulfilling our mission.


It truly is an exciting time for the Lifeword team, and we covet your prayers as God uses us to achieve the same goal that those who have gone before us have done for 52 years: to help our BMA churches fulfill their Great Commission calling through media.

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